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F1 in eight-week race to save sprint campaign

F1 in eight-week race to save sprint campaign

F1 in eight-week race to save sprint campaign

F1 in eight-week race to save sprint campaign

F1 is facing a race against time to find a solution that is threatening to put this season's sprint races on hold for a year.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown this week revealed that "a couple of teams, and one team in particular" is demanding a $5million budget cap increase which he has described as "just ridiculous".

This year F1's cost cap stands at $140m, a $5m reduction from last season's figure when the initiative debuted in a bid to prevent the sport's spending war from spiralling even further out of control.

Sprint races were also introduced in 2021 at three race weekends - the British, Italian and São Paulo Grands Prix. Last year it was Red Bull and Ferrari, in particular, that suggested a budget cap increase to cover off potential accident damage.

Despite the mixed feedback regarding the sprints, F1 is to stage the event at six GPs this year, leading to a push for an increase in the budget cap.

The demands being made are understood to be unacceptable.

The first of the sprints is slated for the season-opening grand prix in Bahrain from March 18-20, leaving F1 with just an eight-week window to resolve the matter.

Regulations state agreement is required from eight out of the 10 teams to finalise the details of the sprint events.

With two teams holding out, and with strategic voting likely coming into the equation if 'partner' teams are involved, F1 does not have the number it requires to press ahead.

An e-vote can take place for speed but time is running out.

Brown has further described the matter as "nonsense", and while suggesting there is the possibility of "a compromise" if the cap was raised "a little bit", there is the threat of a worst-case scenario.

"Or we skip 2022, and a couple of these teams should have to explain to the fans why there are no sprint races,” he remarked.

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