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F1 and drivers launch "get vaccinated" campaign

F1 and drivers launch "get vaccinated" campaign

F1 and drivers launch "get vaccinated" campaign

F1 and drivers launch "get vaccinated" campaign

F1 and all 20 drivers have launched a campaign urging people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities from Covid-19.

A sub-titled video features the entire grid, F1 president Stefano Domenicali and outgoing FIA president Jean Todt delivering short lines - some in their own language - that culminates in the message 'Play Your Part Get Vaccinated'.

It is understood F1 is the first sport to deliver a unified message which is likely to antagonise the anti-vax brigade.

But after safely delivering 35 races over the past 18 months in the most trying of circumstances, F1 now feels duty-bound to push for everyone to be vaccinated.

The message, which includes Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, reads: "Take care of your close ones, play your part and protect your community.

"Get vaccinated. I think it's the sensible thing to do. Please do your bit. It's a small thing that will make a big difference.

"We're finding our way back to things we love but Covid has not gone away. We need to be on this together, and we need to be all in the same boat.

"Hopefully, it is one step closer to reducing the risk. So I just encourage everybody to get it so we can all move forward.

"Please do get the vaccine, remain cautious and protect yourselves. Play your part and protect the community.

"Keep those around you safe and if you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, please do.

"Let's keep ourselves safe, take a vaccine and stay safe."

The message concludes with Domenicali adding: "I've had my vaccine, actually, I did my booster. Do your bit please."

Away from the video, Domenicali added: “Vaccines and boosters are our way out of this pandemic, and we need to keep everyone safe and move forward together.

"I have had my vaccine and my booster and I ask everyone to do the same. Formula 1 is moving ahead, and we ask for everyone to play their part.”

You can watch the full video here...

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