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F1 access level leads to more "dramatic" driver complaints

F1 access level leads to more "dramatic" driver complaints

F1 News

F1 access level leads to more "dramatic" driver complaints

F1 access level leads to more "dramatic" driver complaints
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

FIA race director Michael Masi believes driver and team radio communication is "more dramatic" due to the abundance of information available in F1 nowadays.

The United States Grand Prix featured frustrated radio calls from Alpine, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz after various incidents throughout the race.

Sainz was heard complaining after racing side by side with McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo where wheel to wheel contact was made, whilst Alonso and Alpine were miffed after Kimi Raikkonen made a move on the Spaniard off track.

Alpine sporting director Alan Permane had a somewhat sarcastic sounding conversation with Masi in relation to the incident and asked if that had crossed a line, the Australian insisted: "No. I've got to have a good relationship with all the sporting directors.

"They're all fighting their own corner and that's what you'd expect of them to continue to do."

On why driver complaints are more prominent in modern-day F1 over racing taking place over a decade ago, Masi assessed: "I think part of it is and, let's look at where F1 was 15 years ago and where we are now with the level of access to the broadcast and the way radio, television, number of angles and onboards etcetera, all form part of it.

"We are all here as part of the sport and there is no doubt the access and availability of information which is far more dramatic than it was 15 years ago.

"Even seeing some of the highlights that are being displayed on the TVs over the weekend, you sort of look at some of the old onboard footage and go 'wow'.

"I think it is part of the sport in the current day, like any sport. Availability and access of information is just opening up and the fans want to understand and hear more."

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