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Haas plan to give Schumacher a "straight seat" for Hungary

Haas plan to give Schumacher a "straight seat" for Hungary

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Haas plan to give Schumacher a "straight seat" for Hungary

Haas plan to give Schumacher a "straight seat" for Hungary

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has confirmed the team is finally set to provide Mick Schumacher with a "straight seat" for this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

At each of the first 10 races this year, Schumacher has been forced to compete with a "crooked" seat, even asking four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel for advice at one stage.

Steiner had initially been made aware of the problem by Schumacher's mother Corinna towards the end of June.

Given the triple-header of races at that time in France and Austria, the team was unable to fix the issue but has since found a window of opportunity following the British Grand Prix.

“We hope it is not crooked the next one!" joked Steiner. "I actually spoke with Mick when we were in the factory and we had a little laugh about it because it came out so big this crooked seat.

"He said ‘We are trying to make a straight seat because we don’t know yet if we will achieve it’.

“For sure, it will be ready for Hungary but if it is crooked or not, I don’t know yet. The plan is to have a straight seat in Hungary.”

Pirelli tyre tests "equal for everybody"

Haas tested the new-for-2022 18-inch Pirelli tyres at Silverstone last Tuesday with a specially created mule car.

Both Aston Martin and Red Bull were also in attendance, adding to the running earlier this season by Ferrari and Mercedes.

Asked if one test was enough to gather the data needed, Steiner explained: “It is equal for everybody. You know, in Formula 1, never anything is enough.

"You always want more but you try to get the best out of what you can and if everybody is treated equally, I am fine with that.

“That is what it needs to be. If we do too much testing, we say it is too expensive and then it never ends. It is the never-ending saga here.”


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