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Hamilton's Red Bull conspiracy theories "some way from reality"

Hamilton's Red Bull conspiracy theories "some way from reality"

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Hamilton's Red Bull conspiracy theories "some way from reality"

Hamilton's Red Bull conspiracy theories "some way from reality"

Christian Horner has labelled some of Lewis Hamilton's theories over Red Bull's pace as being "some way from reality" and suggested Toto Wolff explain to the driver why Mercedes trailed in a straight line last time out.

This year, power unit suppliers are banned from introducing performance upgrades with the units homologated ahead of the start of the season. Within the regulations, reliability improvements can still be made.

For the French Grand Prix last weekend, Red Bull introduced a new power unit and this led to Hamilton suggesting a perceived rise in straight-line performance from the championship-leading team.

Wolff explained: "Red Bull chose to run a very low drag rear wing and general aero configuration which clearly when we see the speed differences in Paul Ricard made a big difference. “Now it is about seeing what happens here but as a matter of fact they were very strong, they ran a low wing and were still as competitive as us through the corners and that shows the car has downforce."

After hearing the explanation, Horner commented: “Toto has answered it very well and maybe he should explain it to his driver because I listen with interest sometimes to some of the theories that Lewis has that sometimes are some way from reality.

“But I actually think he has summarised it very well. We ran less drag, we ran lower wings and as a result of that you tend to go a bit quicker down the straight sometimes.”

Hamilton's observation skills the best in F1

Although dismissing any hint of speculation Red Bull had found a way to skirt the regulations, Wolff maintained the driver's perspective is key to spotting changes in performance.

It was, after all, Hamilton that first reported the flexing of Red Bull's rear wing with a technical directive recently introduced to end this practice.

“There is a factor that needs to be considered that the driver is in the car and obviously has the feeling he sees the traction and pull away," added Wolff.

"There was a difference in the DRS and non-DRS zones so it is pretty clear the perspective and the feeling the driver has is something that is really important and especially Lewis, there is no one better than him.

“But what we need to say is that you need to look at the whole thing. You can’t bring a second power unit that is homologated and go three-tenths quicker. That doesn’t exist.

"So it was a low-drag configuration, the car was very quick indeed, quicker than ours in qualifying, and it is what it is."


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