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Schumacher confirms "emotional bond" to 'MSC' on timing screen

Schumacher confirms "emotional bond" to 'MSC' on timing screen

F1 News

Schumacher confirms "emotional bond" to 'MSC' on timing screen

Schumacher confirms "emotional bond" to 'MSC' on timing screen

Mick Schumacher has revealed it was his decision to rekindle the 'MSC' icon that has returned to Formula 1's timing screens.

Over the years, drivers have become associated with a three-letter abbreviation of their name, with 'MSC' famously reserved for his seven-time champion father Michael.

Haas driver Schumacher has also opted for the same contraction of his own name for his F1 career.

"I wanted that MSC," said Schumacher, who enjoyed a positive day in the VF-21 as he completed 87 laps after taking over the car from team-mate Nikita Mazepin after lunch.

"Inside, it's an emotional bond I have to it, and I think it's quite nice for everybody watching the timing screens and seeing MSC back on them. It has a positive to it."

Schumacher's enthusiasm for his task at hand, in particular as Haas is expected to run at the back of the grid this season due to its lack of development, is unbridled.

The F2 champion maintains he would be "ready to go racing tomorrow if it was up to me. I do feel ready".

Asked about his fervent demeanour, Schumacher added: "I have to say it feels even better driving this car than I expected.

"You drive a car but this is really fun. It's something I won't get bored of.

"I'm just looking forward to driving more tomorrow and the race weekend [in Bahrain in a fortnight] can't come quick enough, and I'm really looking forward to this season.

"As I said, I would love to drive every day. You could put another eight days [of testing] to it and just go straight into the race weekend."


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