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New F1 CEO Domenicali suggests future rotation of grands prix

New F1 CEO Domenicali suggests future rotation of grands prix

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New F1 CEO Domenicali suggests future rotation of grands prix

New F1 CEO Domenicali suggests future rotation of grands prix

New Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has suggested the possibility of a fewer number of races on future Formula 1 calendars, with certain grands prix operating on a rotational basis.

In his first interview since taking up the role from Chase Carey at the turn of the year, the former Ferrari team principal has also recognised the need for flexibility for what at present stands as a record-breaking 23-race schedule.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Grand Prix has already been moved from March to November, while the Chinese GP has also been postponed. A return to Imola has been added, while Portimão is set for a May 2 slot.

Domenicali appreciates, however, that while the new Concorde Agreement makes provision for 23 races, potentially going as high as 24 or 25, there may instead be a need to cut that number.

"Twenty-three races is a very important number of races, no doubt," said Domenicali, speaking to Martin Brundle on Sky Sports.

"In terms of quantity, in terms of attention, in terms of the dedication of the people, there could be two positions in that respect, someone can say there are too many, some others that it is not a problem.

"I would say that this equation will solve itself by the fact that if we're able to deliver an incredible product, we may go to a situation where we can go back to a fewer number of races and then maybe the chance of a rotation is possible for certain grands prix, keeping a focus on different areas.

"This is something that is in our plan to think about carefully this year, getting ready for when the world will be normal again."

In his first season in charge, Domenicali is focused on delivering as many races as possible depending on the circumstances in each country.

Last year, under Carey, F1 performed a remarkable feat in delivering a 17-race plan across 24 weekends over the second half of the year.

Domenicali added: "What I can share is that I'm personally in contact on a daily basis with all the organisers We know the pandemic is still there, that's why we changed the place of Australia in the calendar.

"But so far the information we have is that everyone would like to go ahead with the plan.

"Of course, we need to be flexible enough to understand that maybe in the first part of the season we may have some events with no public or with restricted numbers of public.

"But what I can assure our supporters, our fans, is that really we want to make sure that the season is there, we have a commitment and we want to take that on board.

"We have possible alternatives in case of, but so far no one has given us different information to what we have shared.

"There is no reason to lie, there is no reason to say something that is not right and correct

"This is what we know today, but we know how the pandemic has evolved so we need to be ready for a flexible approach on the season."

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