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Sabbatical year "not a disaster" with new rules in 2022 - Perez

Sabbatical year "not a disaster" with new rules in 2022 - Perez

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Sabbatical year "not a disaster" with new rules in 2022 - Perez

Sabbatical year "not a disaster" with new rules in 2022 - Perez
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Sergio Perez believes a sabbatical year would "not be a disaster" ahead of rejoining Formula 1 in 2022 when new aerodynamic regulations are introduced.

Departing Racing Point driver Perez secured his first F1 victory in the Sakhir Grand Prix after fighting back from last place following contact with Charles Leclerc on the opening lap.

The Mexican, who leaves Racing Point after Sunday's season finale in Abu Dhabi in favour of Sebastian Vettel, is in a straight fight with Alex Albon to lockdown the British-Thai driver's Red Bull seat for next season.

The other option open to Perez is to take a year off from motorsport completely, a situation he does not feel would hinder him should he return in '22 due to the radical rule changes.

"I’ve always said there was a risk, taking a year out at this stage of my career that I am," he said.

"I never know what’s going to happen, if I will have the will to come back [after] doing that. A bad year I decide to stop but after this win, after the last couple of races, I’m so determined to be here, either if it’s next year or the year after.

"I already have some good options for ’22 so my best option is obviously to keep going on next year. But if I have to stop then it’s not a disaster, I can come back in ’22.

"The regulations are going to change so much that in a way, I don’t think it will hurt that much the driving side, to get up to speed. I’m at peace with myself."

The runner-up in Sakhir was Renault's Esteban Ocon who, coincidentally, took his own sabbatical in 2019 after he was also dropped from Racing Point.

Perez used his former team-mate as a mark of how deserving drivers do not always prosper in the sport but that he would nevertheless keep focusing on doing his job to the best of his ability.

"I think we have seen that drivers like [Ocon] have missed out on seats, so it’s just the way Formula 1 is," he explained.

"It can be really tough and not the best drivers are in Formula 1 unfortunately. So we keep pushing and we keep delivering and I think that’s the best way to do it."


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