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Formula 1's "beasts" proving tough for returning Hulk

Formula 1's "beasts" proving tough for returning Hulk

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Formula 1's "beasts" proving tough for returning Hulk

Formula 1's "beasts" proving tough for returning Hulk

Nico Hülkenberg has described his return to Formula 1 racing at this weekend's British Grand Prix as "tough" after needing to adapt to the sport's' "beasts".

Hülkenberg was a last-minute call up for Racing Point for the British Grand Prix after Sergio Perez became the first driver to test positive for Covid-19.

The German, who was dropped by Renault at the end of last season, radioed in to ask for "a breather" during practice on Friday, before going on to qualify 13th at Silverstone.

"These cars are beasts," said Hülkenberg.

"There's so much downforce, I have never felt so much speed in the corners here, so much G's. It's pretty impressive but also tough."

Although Hülkenberg was disappointed with his qualifying result he recognises the weekend has been a significant learning curve, especially after spending nine months out of an F1 car.

"I feel there was more potential and that I didn't get everything from the table," he said.

"Given the circumstances, it is also very hard. I don't know if you can expect to get 100% from the car in those circumstances.

"It was small margins and Q3 was not far away. We played around with the different compounds, that was a bit tricky also with the rhythm. It is what it is for today.

"But for me, [there are] so many new inputs, and every situation I enter into with the car is new.

"First-time quali, first-time low-fuel, first-time high-fuel. So I have to learn and soak everything in and digest it fast, which hasn't been easy, but I have also been enjoying it."

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