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Formula E the future, not 'fake' F1 - Vandoorne

Formula E the future, not 'fake' F1 - Vandoorne

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Formula E the future, not 'fake' F1 - Vandoorne

Formula E the future, not 'fake' F1 - Vandoorne

Stoffel Vandoorne says Formula E is the future face of motorsport, rather than the "fake" world of Formula 1.

Vandoorne made an impressive start to his second season in FE over the weekend, securing podiums in both races in Saudi Arabia to sit second in the drivers' standings after two rounds.

The Belgian switched to Formula E after two full seasons with McLaren in F1, where he was largely outperformed by world champion team-mate Fernando Alonso.

However, Vandoorne has claimed that there were many aspects in which McLaren favoured Alonso, something he attributed to the Spaniard being better able to play the political game in the paddock.

It appears Vandoorne is not pining for a return to F1, speaking out against the paddock atmosphere and on-track product.

"It is a bit of a fake world in which everyone gets along well, but above all has their own interests to defend," he told Sport/Voetbalmagazine of F1.

"In Formula E, Le Mans or the WEC endurance races you will find pure racing right now. You come here to race, not to do politics.

"Formula 1 remains the largest championship, Formula E is just below that.

"It is one of the most competitive championships I have competed in. Many drivers have experience in Formula 1, others have a track record with which they could enter F1.

"It's the future. That's why you see more and more car manufacturers."


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