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Brundle says F1 LEGEND is 'true friend' after Miami MAYHEM

Brundle says F1 LEGEND is 'true friend' after Miami MAYHEM

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Brundle says F1 LEGEND is 'true friend' after Miami MAYHEM

Brundle says F1 LEGEND is 'true friend' after Miami MAYHEM

Sky F1 commentator Martin Brundle says Sir Jackie Stewart is a "true friend" after the Scotsman battled past security guards on the Miami Grand Prix grid to secure an interview with tennis legend Roger Federer.

Brundle was in the middle of one of his famous grid walks and was soaking up the glamourous atmosphere prior to the start of the race.

He bumped into the three-time world champion Stewart on the edge of a heavily cordoned area on the grid and was keen to secure a quick interview with Federer, shouting his name in order to get his attention.

Stewart then brazenly walked past the security guards and made a beeline for the Swiss superstar while Brundle waited patiently.

Social media went into hysterics at the 83-year-old's tenacity and now Brundle has responded with a love-in for the popular Scot.

He tweeted: "SJYS (Sir John Young Stewart) has been a guiding light of my life for 40 years.

"Love the man to bits. And he’s got my back, what more could you ask from a true friend?

More Miami carnage for Brundle

Brundle's grid walks have become as iconic as the racing itself over the year with many memorable moments had by the former racer, who has been a commentator on the sport for over 25 years.

He had already spoken to NBA star Paolo Banchero, a year on from an embarrassing mishap where Brundle mistook him for NFL star Patrick Mahomes.

The sporting icon theme continued with Federer who was enjoying himself on the F1 grid after retiring from tennis last year.

Jackie Stewart is still a big presence at F1 races

The camera panned onto Federer being asked by Stewart if he could do a quick interview with Sky with a rather sheepish Brundle giving some hilarious commentary.

"Don't get yourself in trouble for me for goodness sake," he quipped, while saying out loud how much time he had left to complete his grid walk.

Eventually, Brundle got his man as Stewart's iconic status in F1 only increased.

Brundle wrote of the madness in his Sky Sports F1 column, saying: "The grid walk was the usual chaos, I really don't know how that happens as nothing is planned, but Sir Jackie Stewart was the absolute star.

"He's 83 but decided that he personally would immediately get Roger Federer out of a roped-off zone for an interview with me. I became rather concerned for him as the saga unfolded and security guards and George Russell got dragged into it too."

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