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F1 drivers slam ANOTHER controversial FIA rule change

F1 drivers slam ANOTHER controversial FIA rule change

F1 drivers slam ANOTHER controversial FIA rule change

F1 drivers slam ANOTHER controversial FIA rule change

The FIA made the controversial decision to shorten the DRS zones at the Miami Grand Prix circuit, and have received strong backlash from drivers up and down the grid.

Multiple complaints were made after last weekend’s race in Baku, with the common consensus being that the current regulations have not made overtaking any easier, despite that being their main focus.

Scrutiny also continues to be aimed at the FIA after the parc-ferme officials mayhem at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, when dozens of people crowded the pit-lane entry as Esteban Ocon approached to make his mandatory stop.

And now drivers have even less chance of overtaking in smaller-than-previous DRS zones on a track that already hasn’t been worn in properly, leaving dust covering multiple corners through the weekend so far.

It’s safe to say they are not happy in the slightest.

DRS won't be effective

MercedesLewis Hamilton is left clueless as to why the DRS zones have been made shorter in an era when the FIA is so hell-bent on giving its influx of new fans as much entertainment as possible.

“They shortened the DRS this year down the straight, I don’t know why they did that”, said Hamilton. “We have always had great racing the way the DRS was. By the time we turn DRS on, it was too late [to reap any benefit].”

Drivers weren't even consulted

Hamilton’s team-mate, George Russell, also questioned why the decision has been made when he first heard the news, commenting: “I think all of us didn’t really understand why they’ve been shortened. None of us were consulted about it or asked our opinion on it and I think the race speaks for itself in Baku."

The fact that the drivers were not approached nor their opinions considered is quite frankly baffling after the bore-fest in Baku. Russell continued.

“DRS is there to aid overtaking and it’s always exciting when you’ve got these big DRS advantages and it gives you the opportunity to fight and clearly in Baku it was way too short.”

Drivers' ability vs DRS

Two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso, however, shed some light on the FIA’s potential reasoning, saying: “It was the easiest (overtaking) here [Miami], last year, apparently. So that’s why I think FIA shortened the DRS. In Baku, it also was one of the easiest last year, so they shortened the DRS.”

Are the FIA therefore reducing the length DRS zones to put more importance back on drivers' natural ability to overtake instead of giving them freebies down the straights? If so, it does make sense, but do it at a track where we will still see a lot of action. Miami is not the place to do it.

Whether or not shorter DRS zones will become a prominent feature throughout the 2023 season remains to be seen, but they won’t last long if we get worse racing as a result.

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