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Why F1 Drive to Survive is still a Netflix star moving in the right direction

Why F1 Drive to Survive is still a Netflix star moving in the right direction

Why F1 Drive to Survive is still a Netflix star moving in the right direction

Why F1 Drive to Survive is still a Netflix star moving in the right direction

Netflix’s hit Formula 1 documentary - Drive to Survive has shown steady improvement over the last few seasons and this year’s installment may be their best yet.

A diverse range of storylines, battles and rivalries are portrayed in a more accurate way than ever, regardless of the odd radio blunder.

Having received criticism in the past for being over-sensationalised, Box to Box films have found a way to keep the show engaging while injecting a little more realism and accuracy into itself for season six.

In a year where Max Verstappen and Red Bull ended up as runaway winners of both championships, keeping their audience engaged was always going to be a hard sell.

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Max Verstappen dominated during the 2023 F1 season
Max Verstappen drives his RB19 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2023

Where did Netflix shine?

They received a helping hand with Daniel Ricciardo’s unlikely F1 return, but storylines on returning characters and new ones too were not the only reason that we here at GPFans were entertained.

Claire Williams is a welcome re-addition to the show, using her experience to provide an informed view on the way teams and drivers think in the sport.

Danica Patrick on the other hand, isn’t so much in the F1 know-how despite being a presenter with Sky, and her presence is something which fans have picked up on.

James Vowles presented himself as an intelligent and approachable man, showcasing his leadership as Williams climbed from the bottom of the F1 standings.

Fred Vasseur showed a light-hearted side, and Toto Wolff continued to deliver as he has done since becoming a part of the show in season two.

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Season six of Drive to Survive was Fred Vasseur's first appearance in the show as Ferrari boss
James Vowles featured as the new face of Williams Racing in 2023

Bringing the ingredients together

But it’s the culmination of these efforts that have helped to give the show a bit more of a flow this season, helping to create excitement around an otherwise uninspiring season.

They tell the heartbreaking tale of Ricciardo’s shocking Dutch Grand Prix incident and his subsequent recovery incredibly well, taking us on a journey through what his life looks like now.

Where they may have been tempted to use more misleading radio in the past, they held back – including with Ferrari’s heightening tensions during a Monza battle.

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Daniel Ricciardo shares a laugh during his comeback 2023 season with AlphaTauri
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz fought a tough battle at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Mercedes continue to headline the DTS storyline

The final episode detailing Mercedes and Ferrari’s battle for second place in the constructors felt like a bit of an improvisation and was a change compared to the last episode of previous seasons.

In season five for example, they focused on giving an overview of all the featured characters in the show at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

They kept that this year too but it does still prove that they are willing to mix up the formula though, and it’s part of the reason why they could yet experience even more success than they have so far.

Perhaps the best part of all ten episodes was Lewis Hamilton’s developing feud with Mercedes as he revealed that he pushed for a change of development direction and was rejected.

It’s likely one of the reasons behind his departure after the conclusion of the 2024 season and seeing him reveal some of the conversations with his team was an incredible eye opener.

We’re not sure what season seven could have in store for us, and Netflix haven’t even gone as far as announcing it yet, but with some tasty storylines coming up soon, they might just want to hang around for a little while longer.

Lewis Hamilton on the move, the chase of Red Bull, young talents bursting onto the scene and more could be in store within the two years to come before 2026 brings a new batch of technical regulations.

Regardless of what they choose to do next, most importantly, they have improved on their previous work and any following seasons would be welcomed by the fanbase and anyone else that likes motorsport!

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