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Ecclestone accused of giving F1 'big slap' over Christmas card

Ecclestone accused of giving F1 'big slap' over Christmas card

F1 News

Ecclestone accused of giving F1 'big slap' over Christmas card

Ecclestone accused of giving F1 'big slap' over Christmas card

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has remarked that Bernie Ecclestone gave Formula 1 a 'big slap' after revealing an uncharacteristic 2023 Christmas card design.

Former F1 chief executive Ecclestone traditionally releases an annual Christmas card, typically featuring playful jokes about the past F1 season and significant global events, including politics and cultural phenomena.

However, the 2023 edition takes a departure from the norm. Instead of featuring cartoons of F1 drivers and team principals, it showcases a snowy farming field.

The words written on the Christmas card reads: “I am sorry that I could not think of anything exciting or strange that has happened this year that could be illustrated on my usual card.

So may I wish you a peaceful and happy end of the year with 2024 bringing you all that is good for you and a more settled world. Bernie."

This led Red Bull director Marko to comment that Ecclestone had given F1 a 'big slap', insinuating the Christmas card was not in good faith.

"What an announcement! We got a big slap from Bernie for Christmas” said Marko to Auto Blid.

Former F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone
Helmut Marko called Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas card a "big slap"

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Ecclestone controversy

Ecclestone's career in F1 has been overshadowed by controversy, including his disrespectful comments about women and former F1 drivers.

However, Ecclestone's lack of playful jokes on his Christmas card in 2023 can be attributed to his controversy with F1 regarding the Felipe Massa case.

Massa initiated legal proceedings regarding the 2008 championship title after Ecclestone allegedly made comments suggesting he knew about the intentional nature of the crash in Singapore in 2008.

Yet, it is unlikely that we will ever know the true reasoning behind Ecclestone's lack of an exciting Christmas card this year. We can only hope for a more festive and light-hearted approach next year.

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