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Sky pundit exposes Vettel F1 commitment

Sky pundit exposes Vettel F1 commitment

F1 News

Sky pundit exposes Vettel F1 commitment

Sky pundit exposes Vettel F1 commitment

Former race strategist and Sky Sports F1 pundit Bernie Collins has offered insight into Sebastian Vettel's tenure at Aston Martin, lauding his commitment to constantly excelling and improving in the sport.

Four-time world champion Vettel joined Aston Martin at the start of the 2021 season following the news that his contract with Ferrari would not be renewed after 2020.

However, his arrival at the team was somewhat unsettling for former race strategist Collins, who discussed Vettel's driving and work style on the Beyond the Grid podcast.

Sebastian Vettel joined Aston Martin in 2021
Former Aston Martin race strategist Bernie Collins

Vettel relationship was great

“Well, you know, when he first arrives, you know, he's coming to the team, you know, he's going to be there for testing,” said Collins. “And obviously as a strategist, I didn't go to testing and you don't immediately start to build a relationship.

“So, it was very daunting, knowing that he has been so critical in the past. Even in the strategy meetings still, he would ask a lot of questions – very on top of what's going on. Really wanted to understand the plans. It did feel a bit of a spotlight on strategy in that moment, just because you wanted to get off on the right foot.

“And he was definitely a lot kinder in person than what I expected. And maybe that was just expectation managed. But, you know, the relationship was really great.”

Aston Martin learned a lot from Vettel during his time with the team

Vettel commitment unquestionable

Collins also delved into the two factors that contributed to Vettel's success, highlighting his profound understanding of the sport's history.

“Two things,” added Collins. “He had very good understanding of what you're trying to achieve and why it might or might not work. And he had a very good memory for what had happened in the past.

“He would often have gone through some previous races, and he'd say, ‘oh, what about like in, I don't know, like 2010?’ I was like, ‘I've not looked that far back’. So, then you'd have to go and look at that one.

“You know, a lot of the great drivers, which Sebastian did, could really build a picture of what was going on around them and what you were trying to achieve as a strategy so he could imagine, you know, the lines that we have on the paper as it was happening in real life.”

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