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F1 presenter highlights moment Alonso had everyone 'fooled'

F1 presenter highlights moment Alonso had everyone 'fooled'

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F1 presenter highlights moment Alonso had everyone 'fooled'

F1 presenter highlights moment Alonso had everyone 'fooled'

Fernando Alonso had everyone 'fooled' before his breathtaking overtake of Sergio Perez at the Brazilian Grand Prix, according to F1TV presenter Alex Brundle.

The Brazilian Grand Prix lacked major action but showcased one of 'the best' passes of the 2023 Formula 1 season, with Alonso even picking up an award for the move during the FIA Awards Gala.

Alonso took his fifth P3 finish in Sao Paulo following an intense final lap battle for the podium against Red Bull's Perez.

However, contrary to the expectation of an earlier overtake, F1TV presenter Alex Brundle pointed out that Alonso had everyone 'fooled', showcasing his veteran skill by strategically planning the exact moment to make his move.

Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez during the final lap battle in Sao Paulo
Fernando Alonso took his fifth third place finish fending off Sergio Perez

Alonso move was 'inevitable'

“Somehow it almost seemed inevitable that Alonso would finish ahead,” said Brundle, who had a trackside view of the ongoing battle. “Even when they came out of Junction Corner at the base of the hill on the final lap, with Perez leading and Alonso behind, I started to think ‘That’s too far away. He’s never going to be able to make a move into Turn 1.’

“But he’d fooled us — even with all the information we have trackside. He wasn’t going to get the move done there, he was going to get it done where there was no right of reply at all.”

“After the race, Alonso told me that he’d planned his energy delivery accordingly which was really impressive. It only gets more impressive when you consider the context behind it: with the season that Aston Martin have had versus the season that Red Bull have had. It was just a remarkable piece of thinking.”

Steve Deeks labelled the overtake as 'heartbreaking' for Sergio Perez

“The best high-profile pass”

In a conversation with Silverstone senior racing instructor and driving coach Steve Deeks, the pair delved into the impressive nature of Alonso's overtake.

However, Deeks labelled it as 'heartbreaking' for Perez, particularly because, at the time, the Mexican's future was under intense scrutiny.

“It must have been heartbreaking for Perez because in that situation,” said Deeks. “You don’t pass a Red Bull like that on a fast circuit. For that reason, for me, it must be overtake of the year.”

Brundle agreed, claiming the overtake was 'the best high-profile pass' of the year, making it one of the most memorable moments of the 2023 season.

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