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McLaren jump on internet trend with hilarious video

McLaren jump on internet trend with hilarious video

F1 News

McLaren jump on internet trend with hilarious video

McLaren jump on internet trend with hilarious video

McLaren's social media team have started the Formula 1 offseason in fine form, capitalising on one of the more bizarre online sensations of 2023.

Nanalan', a Canadian children's show which ran for two seasons in the early-mid 2000s, has enjoyed a bizarre resurgence in the latter part of this year thanks to TikTok latching onto the lead character - a green three-year-old child made of felt, called Mona.

The combination of a bizarre internet trend and the absolutely timeless fun of making car noises with your mouth - who could forget Nyoom Guy at the 2018 US Grand Prix - has obviously made for social media gold.

Posting on their TikTok account, McLaren pointed out that some of Mona's odd vocalisations sound exactly like an F1 car, and it's...well, it's hard to deny, check it out for yourself.

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McLaren had a strong end to 2023 on and off the track
Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris both have large social media followings

What is Nanalan'?

It's hard to describe Nanalan' without sounding like you're describing a fever dream, but for the's a puppet-based show about an allegedly human three-year-old girl, who is green and has an understanding of speech which is tenuous at best.

The show features her at 'Nana Land' (Nanalan', you see) aka her grandmother's house with her constantly mispronounced dog Russell ('Russer'). Also the grandmother looks like a carrot.

Those mispronunciations from voice actor and puppeteer Jamie Shannon have become immensely popular online for reasons known only to god and a very select group of sociologists, and you, for some reason, are still reading about it. This is it. We're done. There's no more human words to explain a show where the video below is just standard dialogue. Have a nice day.

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