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Verstappen left 'SHAKING' after high-stakes F1 battle

Verstappen left 'SHAKING' after high-stakes F1 battle

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Verstappen left 'SHAKING' after high-stakes F1 battle

Verstappen left 'SHAKING' after high-stakes F1 battle

The high-stakes battle for 2023 Monaco Grand Prix pole left Max Verstappen physically shaking as he faced a formidable challenge from Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso.

With just 0.084 seconds separating the world championship-winning duo, Verstappen pushed himself and his RB19 to the very edge, overcoming a deficit in the final sector of Q3 to claim the coveted pole.

The intensity of the fight, combined with the significantly tight circuit, left the Red Bull driver feeling the effects post-session.

Having battled through adversity and clipping the walls 'a few times' in the process, Verstappen's triumph in Monaco showcased his unwavering determination and skill on one of the F1 calendar's most demanding tracks.

Max Verstappen produced a stunning lap to take pole from Fernando Alonso in Monaco
Max Verstappen said the intensity of the battle with Fernando Alonso left him 'shaking' afterwards

Verstappen: I hit my limit

“Of course, I realised when I was taking the curve before the start of the third sector that I had been faster than I had driven previously,” Verstappen told Marca. “But I knew it wouldn’t be enough. I also had that feeling.

“So, I thought: ‘I’m going to go completely to the limit and see how it ends’. I could have made pole or I could have crashed into the wall. And, yes, I touched some walls, I ‘kissed’ them a little. But, of course, it was a beautiful area.

“I noticed when I parked the car and took off my helmet, I was still shaking a little. There you know that your heart rate is at its maximum and that pushes you to get the best you have.”

Not only did Verstappen emerge victorious from the qualifying dogfight, but he also showcased his dominance by outpacing Alonso in the race, finishing a commanding 28 seconds ahead after completing the challenging 78 laps.

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