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Hamilton reveals Verstappen victory nearly caused F1 retirement

Hamilton reveals Verstappen victory nearly caused F1 retirement

Hamilton reveals Verstappen victory nearly caused F1 retirement

Hamilton reveals Verstappen victory nearly caused F1 retirement

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he contemplated retiring following the controversial ending to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021, which ultimately denied him his eighth world championship.

The 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix stands out as one of the most notorious and controversial events in Formula 1 history. Hamilton was on-track to secure another drivers' championship when race director Michael Masi incorrectly applied Safety Car rules, impacting the final race result.

Masi's decision to permit one final lap of racing enabled Max Verstappen to overtake the British driver. After a strategic pit stop for fresher soft tyres, Verstappen secured his first-ever drivers' championship.

Hamilton has now revealed that he had thoughts of retirement immediately after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021. However, after careful consideration, he ultimately opted to continue with Mercedes.

“For sure, yeah,” Hamilton said to Autosport when asked if he had retirement thoughts.

“There was so much going through my mind during that period in time. But I think one of the worst things you can do is make decisions based on emotions, because when you are emotional and in the heat of that moment, more often than not, you’re not going to make the best decisions.

“Emotions were high, it was a really, really difficult period of time, so I had to just wait until things calmed down, and that I was clear in my thought, and I was able to then make the right decisions.”

Lewis Hamilton has admitted he had retirement thoughts after Abu Dhabi 2021
Max Verstappen secured his first drivers' championship in 2021

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Mercedes anger

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff recently expressed that he still harbours 'personal anger' due to the incorrect decision made during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021.

Wolff further revealed that his lingering frustration serves as a driving force, motivating him to work towards potentially securing Hamilton's eighth world championship.

Toto Wolff has revealed he has 'personal anger' over Abu Dhabi 2021

“I have a personal anger, and drive to make him win the eighth title because he should have had it,” Wolff said to PA Media.

“As a team principal, it is important to be fair and open with both drivers. But there is a big part of us that will always want to be a part of that story in undoing and overcoming 2021.”

Despite not securing a race victory since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021, Hamilton remains motivated to persist, with constant encouragement and support from his Mercedes team.

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