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Alonso slams FIA for ruining 'best' aspect of F1

Alonso slams FIA for ruining 'best' aspect of F1

Alonso slams FIA for ruining 'best' aspect of F1

Alonso slams FIA for ruining 'best' aspect of F1

Fernando Alonso wants to see a change to the way the FIA govern the sport when it comes to qualifying.

There have been a lot of problems when it has come to setting the grid for the Grand Prix this season, with drivers going exceptionally slowly on track or having times deleted due to exceeding track limits.

The FIA has tried to bring in rules to prevent some of the issues regarding traffic and driving slowly out on the circuit but it has not proved to help the situation.

Alonso has even claimed that qualifying is now worse than practice and is keen to see things change in 2024.

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Alonso: This format is obsolete

“Exits did not help or make things worse,” Alonso told the media during the Abu Dhabi GP weekend. “It didn’t change much, but it proves that the qualifying format is obsolete.

“This session used to be the best session of the weekend where the cars, they come alive. You drive these very fast cars and now it’s the worst session of the weekend. For the teams, for drivers, for traffic management, for track limits.

“Going to the stewards, not respecting the delta, impeding people, deleting the laps. We are all happy that it’s over and it shouldn’t be like that.”

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