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F1 winner claims current star is QUICKER than Verstappen

F1 winner claims current star is QUICKER than Verstappen

F1 winner claims current star is QUICKER than Verstappen

F1 winner claims current star is QUICKER than Verstappen

Max Verstappen might have led the way throughout the 2023 season but, according to a former F1 driver, he’s still behind his on-track rivals.

Speaking on the Gurulandia - Il Podcast, Robert Kubica offered his assessment of his friend and former rival Fernando Alonso, comparing the Spaniard to the current grid.

When asked to make a choice between signing 42-year-old Alonso or seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Kubica was clear, stating unequivocally “Alonso.”

“In my opinion, Alonso is the strongest of everyone even with an uncompetitive car,” Kubica said.

Fernando Alonso has been a familiar sight on the podium in 2023

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When pushed whether that includes Verstappen, Kubica stated “in an uncompetitive car, yes.”

Two-time world champion Alonso has regained his old form since joining Aston Martin, only finishing outside the podium on three occasions, two of which were retirements.

Alonso’s strength this season has led Aston Martin to explore securing his services into the foreseeable future.

Remarkable Alonso

While Alonso is only currently signed until the end of the 2024 season, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack stated that he would be interested in retaining the Spaniard despite his age.

“I think we have received a remarkable team player, constructive at all times, especially when it was difficult,” Krack told reporters in Abu Dhabi.

When asked if this means Krack will seek to extend Alonso’s contract beyond the end of next season, he was clear: “Absolutely yes.”

Mike Krack is keen to keep Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin

Alonso was clear during media interviews that he is also determined to stay on the grid past his 43rd birthday.

"If I feel slow one day I think it will be noticeable and I will be not happy with my performance and I will be the first one to raise my hand and say this is time,” Alonso said on Thursday.

"But I don't think that time will arrive, honestly, in terms of feeling slow, because I have extreme self-confidence in my performance.

Fernando Alonso is fighting for his best season result since 2012

"But it could be that with the calendar and with the demanding schedule I will feel it is time because there are other things in life.

"It has been a very demanding season only with 22 races, with two cancellations.

"Next year, with 24, the proper calendar, we have to see how it feels.”

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