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Legendary F1 team boss says biggest REGRET is no female driver

Legendary F1 team boss says biggest REGRET is no female driver

F1 News

Legendary F1 team boss says biggest REGRET is no female driver

Legendary F1 team boss says biggest REGRET is no female driver

Former Formula 1 team principal Eddie Jordan has openly shared his 'one regret' in the sport, expressing disappointment at the absence of a 'top-class' female driver in F1.

Founder and team principal of the Jordan Grand Prix team, spoke about the lack of female representation within F1 on the 'Formula For Success’ podcast alongside David Coulthard.

Whilst discussing the progress of women into motorsports with the former McLaren and Red Bull driver, Jordan unveiled his single regret from his time in F1.

“It’s just nice to see these girls coming out up front and going, and my one regret, and I think it’s probably your regret [addressing Coulthard] that, in our time, we haven’t seen a really top-class current Formula 1 lady driver,” Jordan said.

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Women’s Progression

Susie Wolff was the last woman to drive in F1 during a free practice session for the British Grand Prix in 2014.

Wolff is currently the managing director of the F1 Academy, an all-female junior series set up by F1 with the aim to increase female visibility within the sport.

Susie Wolff as reserve driver for Williams Formula 1 team

Although the W Series recently encountered financial challenges leading to administration, the efforts to promote women in motorsports continues.

Coulthard, who has been known to promote women within the sport, also discussed his efforts in a heart-warming tribute to his sister.

“I’ve certainly been promoting and supporting women in motorsports as much as I can in the memory of my sister, Lynsay,” he said. “She was a very talented racer, but never got the same support that I did.”

“She passed away nine years ago now, but in her memory, I want to try and help young girls in karting develop their skills and get the sort of Max Verstappen treatment or the Lewis Hamilton treatment, where they’re really supported all the way through because physically, there’s no reason why women cannot compete with men in motor racing, [because] obviously we don’t have the same physical restrictions that would be in boxing or sprinting and all those sorts of things.”

Both Jordan and Coulthard expressed their shared hope of witnessing a female driver compete in F1 within their lifetimes.

“So anyway, I think in our lifetime, we might see it,” Coulthard concluded.

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