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A "chilled" Hamilton views future contract talks as "organic"

A "chilled" Hamilton views future contract talks as "organic"



A "chilled" Hamilton views future contract talks as "organic"

A "chilled" Hamilton views future contract talks as "organic"

Lewis Hamilton has revealed to now being "more chilled" over his future contract talks in the wake of him securing his latest Formula 1 world title.

Due to the time constraints of a heavily revised and condensed Formula 1 calendar, Hamilton and Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff opted to put negotiations to one side until after the latest titles had been secured.

Mercedes wrapped up its seventh consecutive constructors' crown at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, while Hamilton clinched his record-equalling seventh drivers' championship with his stunning victory at the last race in Turkey.

Heading into this weekend's Bahrain GP that sparks a season-ending triple-header in the Middle East, the hope is Hamilton and Wolff have now finally started talks on a deal that will tie the 35-year-old to the team for another three years.

For Hamilton, the pressure has at least been eased now he has banked his latest title. He said: "I've always thought through the year that I’ve got a job to do.

"I’ve got a contract in place, I don’t feel like I should add pressure. It has to be organic and not something that’s forced. So, I thought let’s put it to… I bet on myself.

"Naturally there are days when you think ‘What happens if you start making mistakes? What happens if you get worse all of a sudden, you don’t put in these great performances? Does your value decrease? Does your bargaining power decrease? Does your reputation go off a cliff?

"I know there are scenarios in life where you’re like ‘Let’s sign up real quick’, so you guarantee your future, and for me, I’ve bet on myself. I do the work. I know myself better than anyone and I know what I can do, and I know how to do it. Better than ever."

Reiterating the fact winning the title was the priority, he added: "I wanted to put it aside and wait until the job was done.

"We’ve got three weeks in the Middle East, so now it’s a bit more chilled but I still have three races ahead of me that I want to win. It’s not done but we will get it done, I’m sure."

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