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Racing Point developments a "direct result" of Hülkenberg's feedback

Racing Point developments a "direct result" of Hülkenberg's feedback


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Racing Point developments a "direct result" of Hülkenberg's feedback

Racing Point developments a "direct result" of Hülkenberg's feedback

Racing Point technical director Andrew Green has revealed the raft of upgrades brought to the RP20's suspension complex were a "direct result" of Nico Hülkenberg's feedback after his stand-in weekends at Silverstone.

Hülkenberg stepped-in at the 11th hour for Lance Stroll on Saturday after the Canadian missed practice through illness, marking the second occasion this season he has been called up at short notice for the team.

The German originally filled in for Sergio Perez after the Mexican's positive Covid-19 test ahead of the British Grand Prix, as well as the subsequent 70th Anniversary GP at Silverstone.

Green has conceded to the team basing the new upgrades on Hülkenberg's input over the two weekends.

"His feedback is interesting because some of the developments on the car are as a direct result of his feedback in Silverstone," confirmed Green.

"His feedback after the race [70th Anniversary] was really interesting, very intriguing.

"He mentioned things he would change in the car and how we go about setting the car up and we made those changes after Silverstone, not expecting him ever to get back in the car again and drive it.

"Lo and behold he does, and we get the feedback about the developments we made on the car so that is really interesting and really important."

Hülkenberg qualified 20th and last after only having the opportunity to run for four laps in the car during Q1 but then delivered a virtuoso performance to rise to eighth in the race and earn the driver of the day award as voted by fans.

Green levelled praise at Hulkenberg's performance, especially with the stand-in relearning the car following the upgrades made since Silverstone.

"The sort of changes we talk about, you can't adjust to them in four laps, which is effectively what he had to do on Saturday afternoon," added Green.

"He had four flying laps and for him to adjust to the changes we had made since Silverstone was nigh on impossible so he needed time in the car, which he didn't have.

"But at the end of the race he had had enough time in the car and his feedback was invaluable which was very good.

"I think Nico's job, he did a fantastic job from where he came in which was effectively Saturday afternoon so I think he deserves a huge amount of credit.

"He did a great job, we knew he would, that is why he is always at the end of the phone for these sort of situations."

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This is an endorsement of Hulks skills and experience. He really should have a seat somewhere, there must be a team who wants him.

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