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AMG and Mercedes F1 links to "intensify" in 2021

AMG and Mercedes F1 links to "intensify" in 2021



AMG and Mercedes F1 links to "intensify" in 2021

AMG and Mercedes F1 links to "intensify" in 2021

Mercedes will intensify its links with 'high performance sub-brand' AMG from 2021 as the manufacturer pushes aside rumours it was ready to leave Formula 1.

Rumours have persisted across the season that Mercedes was ready to walk away from F1, but Daimler and Mercedes-Benz chairman Ola Kallenius put these concerns to rest during a virtual investor conference on Tuesday.

Through the Project One hypercar, Mercedes is already working to put F1 technology on the road, and Kallenius sees this as the beginning of a journey with much more to come.

"We will use the technology we have developed in Formula One for performance hybrids and other exciting technologies in the future and put that into our AMG cars," said Kallenius.

"With Project One we are taking a Formula One powertrain and putting it on the road, so it comes naturally to us to leverage Formula One even more for AMG going forward."

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In bringing the Mercedes F1 team and AMG closer together, Kallenius aims to utilize the strides forward in "high performance electrification" to benefit the road going efforts.

He explained: “AMG was founded as a motorsports brand. The founders of AMG – Aufrecht and Melcher, the ‘A’ and the ‘M’ in AMG, they only built the road cars to be able to finance their racing.

“This is very similar to the strategy of other racing legends or performance car brands whether they’re from Italy or in the UK in the past, the passion was about racing."

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