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Aston Martin has "enough guts" to "prove people wrong" - Vettel

Aston Martin has "enough guts" to "prove people wrong" - Vettel



Aston Martin has "enough guts" to "prove people wrong" - Vettel

Aston Martin has "enough guts" to "prove people wrong" - Vettel

Sebastian Vettel believes Aston Martin will have "enough guts" to challenge the top teams despite tighter regulations on copying set to be introduced.

In its final season as Racing Point before being rebranded from next year, the team has made a marked step up the grid with the controversial RP20.

Earlier this season the team was docked 15 constructors' championship points and fined €400,000 after FIA stewards deemed the rear brake ducts to have been copied from last year's Mercedes.

The FIA has since tightened the regulations to ensure there can be no repeat of the copying furore in the future.

Vettel, however, has no doubt the team will continue to compete towards the front when he joins next year under its new guise as Aston Martin.

"There has been a lot of talk in the recent weeks about this [copying] topic, but to be honest this didn't play a big role for me because I am more convinced of the team and the strength of the team," said Vettel.

"For obvious reasons of not having the money in recent years to perform at a similar level as the big teams, they've done remarkably well.

"There's definitely enough guts in that team to prove people wrong. I don't think they will change things much."

When Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015 the Scuderia it was already equipped to fight for world titles. With regard to his latest move, he is aware his role will be to continue to help the team grow.

"There's huge potential for growth, and I'm looking forward to joining the team and trying to help with everything with all the experience I have, what I do in the car, and try to grow the team as much as possible so that we find ourselves in a competitive spot on the grid," added Vettel.

"Obviously I can't make predictions, but there's definitely hope. I believe in the team and the people that are there, they're capable, and for the first time they are equipped with a decent tool set."

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