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Racing Point's rivals urged "to get on with it" rather than launch "revolutionary" appeal

Racing Point's rivals urged "to get on with it" rather than launch "revolutionary" appeal



Racing Point's rivals urged "to get on with it" rather than launch "revolutionary" appeal

Racing Point's rivals urged "to get on with it" rather than launch "revolutionary" appeal

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has urged Racing Point's rivals "to get on with it" as battle lines have been drawn in the Formula 1 sand over the controversial brake duct decision.

Wolff claims Racing Point is "pretty upset" with a stewards' verdict following a Renault protest that saw the team deducted 15 constructors' championship points and fined €400,000, with "lawyers ready to go and appeal".

On the flip side, Ferrari and McLaren have already lodged their intention to appeal, and are expected to be joined by Renault ahead of Saturday's 9.30am deadline.

Speaking prior to Ferrari and McLaren appealing, Wolff added: "It seems there is a group forming, a little revolutionary in every sense, and they are trying to go after Racing Point because I think they feel they are upset that they haven't got the performance of Racing Point."

Wolff, though, cited the relationship between Haas and Ferrari over the years, notably as the former has used non-listed parts supplied by the latter over the years.

"We have seen these loopholes, and we took it on the chin back then," said Wolff. "We wanted a clarification, they were a competitor, and that's it, we get on and beat them, so get on with it."

Wolff is convinced Racing Point broke no regulation - either sporting or technical - on the basis there is nothing written with the rules to cover for what has unfolded.

"I know the case inside out," insisted Wolff. "We were surprised [at the verdict] in a way because there is a strong belief from everybody who is involved, all the lawyers that are a part of this, that it was going to be perfectly within the regulations.

"The tricky bit is that in 2019 those parts were unlisted parts then became listed parts. Those parts were supplied in 2019. Full stop. That is what the regulations say.

"They [Racing Point} didn't breach any technical regulations because in 2019 those parts were not listed and became listed the following year, and there was no concrete regulation or technical directive that said you aren't allowed to use 2019 parts that you have copied and re-designed yourself, to whatever point, in 2020. It doesn't say that, and this is exactly what Racing Point did.

"The interesting bit is that all the other teams seem to think they haven't designed them themselves, which they did. There are 1,000 drawings around, they've re-engineered them, and it comes to the point of an interpretation of a regulation that doesn't exist."

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