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Pirelli "worried" by potential risk-takers and repeat of Silverstone failures

Pirelli "worried" by potential risk-takers and repeat of Silverstone failures

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Pirelli "worried" by potential risk-takers and repeat of Silverstone failures

Pirelli "worried" by potential risk-takers and repeat of Silverstone failures

Pirelli boss Mario Isola has conceded to being "worried" by a Formula 1 team taking a risk during Sunday's 70th Anniversary Grand Prix and leading to another damaging weekend for the Italian tyre manufacturer.

During Sunday's British Grand Prix, Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, along with McLaren's Carlos Sainz all suffered tyre failures in the closing laps due to what Pirelli described, following an investigation, as "a consequence of the biggest forces ever seen on tyres generated by the fastest Formula 1 cars in history".

For this weekend, the tyres are a step softer across the three compounds, a directive Isola has confirmed came from Formula 1 and the FIA rather than implemented by itself, in order to spice up the show for the second of the back-to-back races at Silverstone.

That resulted in a short shelf life for the soft compound during practice, and complaints from a number of drivers as there were numerous cases of heavy blistering - as a result of an increase in tyre pressures - and overheating.

"Yes, I am worried [about a team taking a risk] because I don't want to see any tyre fail on track. That is a priority," said Isola.

"We will need to pay attention. What we need to do from our side is give as much information to the teams in order for them to run our product in a safe way. If they take a risk, they take a risk. I cannot stop anybody. I cannot jump on the track and stop a car.

"I hope they will be responsible after knowing what happened last Sunday, not to do something above the limit, I would say. That is why we decided to avoid any mileage limitation.

"I trust the teams, I trust their ability, they are professional and they know what to do, so I'm sure they will not take any risk.

"In Formula 1, as in any other motorsport championship, if you go above the limit then you risk a failure. It's the same with the car, you hit the rev limiter forever then at a certain point you break it, so it's a matter of optimising the package in the best possible way without going above the limit.

"How can we do that? By giving them any update that is useful to understand tyres. I'm sure they will not take any risk."

The race will see a two-stop strategy for all drivers, with Isola now believing one is impossible, and with no directions from Pirelli with regard to the stint length for each compound, which is ordinarily information provided in advance.

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