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Mercedes to continue to develop DAS despite 2021 ban

Mercedes to continue to develop DAS despite 2021 ban



Mercedes to continue to develop DAS despite 2021 ban

Mercedes to continue to develop DAS despite 2021 ban

Mercedes is adamant it has not closed the book on its DAS system for this season even though it is outlawed from next year.

The team introduced the dual-axis steering device in pre-season testing, sparking a wave of interest, and ultimately a protest from Red Bull at the first race of the season in Austria that was swiftly dismissed by the stewards.

While DAS is legal on the W11 for the remainder of the campaign as it adhered to the regulations when they were introduced at the time, the FIA did close a loophole in the rules for next year soon after its introduction.

That is not stopping Mercedes from continuing to understand it, and its possible advantages as it looks to take a stranglehold on this season after winning the first three races.

"I think that for us it’s still a very new system," said technical director James Allison.

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"Precisely how, where and when we get the most opportunity from it is to some degree continuing to be a voyage of discovery for us, and the manner in which we develop it is still open for us as the season goes on.

"So it’s not a closed book and we hope to get more from it if we can learn quickly in the coming races."

DAS underlines the mindset of all within Mercedes, that even though the system will be obsolete at the end of the year, the team is willing to further its development for this season.

As to why Mercedes continues to stand head and shoulders above its rivals, Allison said: "I guess we’re lucky. We’ve been a well-funded team, a stable team, we’ve had strong support from our parent company and consistent leadership.

"But I think one of the best things about the place is that it has a good culture, and the culture is one of not resting on its laurels, never feeling entitled to the performance we’ve enjoyed.

"[Also] being willing to pass the challenge of finding improvement in the car from the top of the team through the layers in the team so that everyone feels a part of making the car stronger, racing the car more strongly, providing us with the environment in which we can make that strong car, all part of the many-cogged machine that an F1 team play in producing what you see.

"It’s not a single answer, it is down to a team with a good culture in it."

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Mon 30 Nov

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