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Vettel insists "nothing has changed in a week" despite Racing Point speculation

Vettel insists "nothing has changed in a week" despite Racing Point speculation



Vettel insists "nothing has changed in a week" despite Racing Point speculation

Vettel insists "nothing has changed in a week" despite Racing Point speculation

Sebastian Vettel insists he is under no pressure to make a quick decision on his future and that "nothing has changed in a week" in the wake of speculation linking him with Racing Point.

Exactly a week ago ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix, Vettel refused then to swat away the suggestion that Racing Point was an option for him, with the four-time F1 champion complimentary on the job the team had done this season.

The rumours have since intensified, with suggestions he will eventually replace Sergio Perez, who has in turn been linked to Haas.

"Well, I think rumours are called rumours for a reason," replied Vettel when questioned on the link to Racing Point, that next season becomes Aston Martin.

"Now, only a couple of days after, there's not much that has changed. The fact is, there's no news.

"If you ask about Racing Point, everybody is talking about Racing Point. The first two races have been impressive, the performance on track, but when it comes to myself, there's no news, nothing that has changed in a week.

"It will probably take some time, most importantly for myself to make the right decision, and once there is something to say, then it will be the right time in the future to do so.

"But anything at this stage is still open - driving next year, not driving next year, maybe coming back or not driving any more. I don't know, maybe doing something different.

"I'm not feeling pressured to make my decision too quickly."

Given the fact that at this stage Racing Point appears to be Vettel's only viable remaining option in F1, he added: "There are two ways to look at it.

"One is on paper, obviously, which seats there are and which are not there. For that, I probably have too little information in terms of other people's contracts.

"The other one is I've been around for a long time and you never know, so obviously, things can always change, and irrespective of that I need to make the decision myself and see whether there is something suitable in that direction."

There was one comedic moment in Vettel's press conference when he was asked to name his favourite car from the James Bond movies.

Bearing in mind 007 has primarily driven an Aston Martin, Vettel managed to cleverly swerve saying the name by claiming it was the car that ended up being sawn in half - which just happened to be a BMW Z8.

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