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Hamilton's $40m salary "unacceptable" but Grosjean sees flipside

Hamilton's $40m salary "unacceptable" but Grosjean sees flipside


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Hamilton's $40m salary "unacceptable" but Grosjean sees flipside

Hamilton's $40m salary "unacceptable" but Grosjean sees flipside

Romain Grosjean has described as "unacceptable" Lewis Hamilton's $40million Mercedes salary compared to the meagre pay packets for other Formula 1 drivers.

Although F1 is bringing in a $145m budget cap from next season, drivers' salaries are exempt on a lengthy list. It is under discussion, though, for potential introduction at some point in the future.

It has sparked considerable debate amongst the drivers, with Grand Prix Drivers' Association director Grosjean raising eyebrows at Hamilton's reported salary, but also recognising there is a downside that could affect future talent coming through.

"We had this talk in the GPDA," said Grosjean during a French media session ahead of this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, and as reported by Autosport.

"Some were in favour, others were against. I do think it's unacceptable that Lewis Hamilton earns more than $40million while some drivers earn €150,000 a year for the same job."

But looking at the flipside, Grosjean added: "However, what was pointed out was that if we cap drivers' salaries, we break the whole ladder of motorsport.

"Who would invest money in young driver programmes to pay for their racing if they can't get their money back by taking a percentage of the drivers' high wages? That's the debate.

"Personally, I wasn't necessarily against the idea of having drivers' salaries in the budget cap.

"But then, for sure, you would question what manufacturer or manager would come and spend a fortune on a driver only to take back 20% of something that is capped, so never getting their money back."

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Equal pay for equal work? Perhaps if Grosjean had won some races, he would be in a better bargaining position.

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