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Grosjean: Renault return would be "a nice story"

Grosjean: Renault return would be "a nice story"



Grosjean: Renault return would be "a nice story"

Grosjean: Renault return would be "a nice story"

Romain Grosjean has revealed he is keen on returning to the Renault Formula 1 team.

The 2020 season may not have begun, but the driver transfer market is in full flow.

Daniel Ricciardo's move to McLaren has left a vacancy at Renault, and Grosjean is keen on linking up with his former team.

“There were a few surprises -- the big one was Sebastian and then there were choices made that I would have probably made different, but I understand and it's been fun to watch,” Grosjean told the ESPN Podcast.

"Obviously, Carlos going to Ferrari and then there was a good seat at McLaren and that was a nice opportunity for Ricciardo and still one seat at Renault that could be attractive for the future.

"But again, with the cost cap, we are hoping that more teams could be great and I think Racing Point is on a really good path from what we saw in winter testing, they are really competitive and have done great work with Mercedes, so there will be some good teams to look for in the future.

“The driver market has been interesting, there are a few seats left around, but I think everyone will take a little bit of time to look at it.”

Grosjean spent a decade working with the Enstone based team, an outfit that has undergone several name changes across the years.

Making his debut in the 2009 European Grand Prix at Valencia, the Frenchman completed seven grands prix, for the team. Having failed to land a full-time seat for 2010, Grosjean spent two more years in GP2 before returning to Enstone in 2012, the team then running as Lotus, where he remained until moving to Haas in 2016.

He added: "It would be a nice story. I spent 10 years at Enstone, and they funded most of my career, and obviously the last podium of Enstone is mine!

"I think it would be nice to go back there, but it would also be nice to stay at Haas or to try another team. We haven't even done a race, but we are already talking about next year, which is a bit strange.

“But also we are getting into mid-June and early July, which is the start of the silly season, so I don't know, I think first we go back racing, see how the car behaves.

"I will try to do my best and see if my level is still where I want it to be, and then we will start discussing and chatting and seeing what we can do."

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