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Williams vows to remain on the frontline of Formula 1 team

Williams vows to remain on the frontline of Formula 1 team


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Williams vows to remain on the frontline of Formula 1 team

Williams vows to remain on the frontline of Formula 1 team

Claire Williams is determined to remain on the frontline of her Formula 1 team regardless of what the future may hold.

The team recently announced it was up for sale, although would accept a partial sale or other significant investment after accruing heavy financial losses.

The decision has led to criticism in some quarters, with former Williams driver Ralf Schumacher suggesting it was time for the Williams family to step down, while former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone blamed "the current management" for the team's demise.

But asked if she wanted to be involved on the frontline of the team in whatever way it moves forward, she told SkySports F1: “Of course I would. This is my passion. This is what I love to do just as Frank loved to do it.

“We’ve got to go through this process though. I think it’s going to take us a few months to get through it and as part of our strategic review, a number of options are available to us, and we’re in complete control of the process.

“We’ve got to go down that road first before we can make any decisions around what the outcome of those conversations will be.”

Williams suggested a number of factors had come into play that had forced it to be put up for sale, not least the steadfast decision on remaining an independent marque, but in doing so being unable to fight financially with the bigger teams.

"There are lots of different models at play in Formula 1 and yes, I have been very clear over the years in wanting to retain Williams as independents," said Williams.

"Over the past 12 months, things haven’t necessarily gone our way in a number of different aspects. Even prior to that, Formula 1 was a very difficult operating environment.

"The numbers that teams are spending these days are extraordinarily high, particularly in the top three, and the technical regulations over the past few years have become ever more complicated, and it has been difficult to keep up with that.

“I think actually, Williams has a job to always bring a healthy racing budget, and just very unfortunately certain situations, circumstances over the past handful of months have conspired probably to take us to this point that we find ourselves in today.

“The coronavirus certainly hasn’t helped. We all know that the prize-fund money is going to be considerably depressed. We’ve had to terminate our partnership with ROKiT which clearly hasn’t helped, and then two hard years on the racetrack as well.

"Finishing last in the constructors’ championship two years in a row obviously has a consequence on your income.”

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Finishing last in the championship 2 years in a row is not an "unfortunate circumstance" though, it's a product of the team's performance. Claire is doing the wrong job, she's not a racer. She should be doing some office job and let someone that has experience in engineering and running race teams be team principal. She should have been sacked over the Paddy Lowe fiasco. I can respect that her passion is F1 and she wants to be part of it, but she doesn't need to be the head of the race team.

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