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Hamilton: No benefit whatsoever to sim racing

Hamilton: No benefit whatsoever to sim racing



Hamilton: No benefit whatsoever to sim racing

Hamilton: No benefit whatsoever to sim racing

Lewis Hamilton has dismissed the possibility of him becoming the latest Formula 1 driver to compete in sim-racing.

Throughout the ongoing lockdown period, the likes of Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Alex Albon and George Russell have all been showing off their esports talents over the past few weeks.

Even Sebastian Vettel took possession of a home simulator in April and has recently competed in a couple of events.

Six-time F1 champion Hamilton, despite his ultra-competitiveness, will not be joining his fellow drivers in such pursuits, even though he is a Gran Turismo fan.

Hamilton said: "I never drive simulators - very, very rarely. With simulators, it’s very, very difficult, because the movement is never perfect. It’s something they constantly try to improve on.

"Obviously if you’re at home with a simulator the seat doesn’t move, and your mind is telling you that the car’s moving, but you’re not getting any cueing of movements."

Speaking in a Mercedes Youtube video, Hamilton added: "You have to kind of override your mind and I don’t really like doing that, going through that process. Then you get in the real thing, and it’s completely different.

"I don’t find personally any benefit whatsoever doing the simulation thing, but the fun gaming side of things, when you get to play with friends and people online, that’s a plus."

While Hamilton has naturally confirmed to missing being on track, he is at least appreciating the benefits of what he has described as "a part-sabbatical".

Hamilton said: "It’s been nice not to be bothered too much, to have a bit of that time. But I miss seeing my team, seeing my friends – as everyone does.

"There have been times, probably in the past five years or so, that I have thought to myself 'It’ll be good for my mind and my body to take a rest’, [but] you can’t step away from it.

"I don’t think that for an athlete that’s in their prime, it’s ever a good idea to step away for a year and then come back.

"Technology moves so fast, at such a rate that you need to stay on top of this car and what is the development. To take a sabbatical was just not on the cards.

"But, we’ve been handed almost a part-sabbatical, which I’m enjoying. I feel fresher and healthier than I’ve ever been. The struggle for everyone is just keeping the mind clear.

"Some days you’re sluggish and other days you’re positive, but that’s really the key.

"As I said, trying to remain centred, finding things you enjoy doing that you perhaps didn’t have time to do in the past. Don’t waste this time. That’s the really important thing is not to waste this time."

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Sorry Lewis is helaas niet waar, want het heeft echt wel een voordeel en ik kan het weten want ik rij 20 jaar SIM en ik heb Nordschliefe in realtime gereden en echt wel dat het allebei echt is want mijn tijd verschilt niet veel tussen SIM en echt op Nordschliefe, verschil was namelijk 6 sec

3 1  Reply

I like lewis but social distancing, HE TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY, sim is fun , 6 times world champ cannot be BOTHERED shame on you LEWIS

2 3  Reply
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