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F1 fans can "support us on the sofa"

F1 fans can "support us on the sofa"



F1 fans can "support us on the sofa"

F1 fans can "support us on the sofa"

Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi believes plans to run races without fans represents "a safe way" for Formula 1 to start the season.

F1's managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn last week proposed the idea of behind-closed-doors events, along with the prospect of two-day weekends and triple-headers in order for 19 grands prix to be staged over the second half of the campaign.

Giovinazzi can appreciate the need for spectator-less events.

"For sure it will be really different because the people that come to support us provide an extra boost for every driver," Giovinazzi told Sky Sports.

"But now, the main thing is to race in a safe mode and this is one of them, to have no people at the track.

"Of course they will support us on the sofa. When this virus finally goes out, then people can support us more than they did before.

"As soon as we start, it will be good to start without people because it's a safe way we can race."

Although Giovinazzi continues to work with his personal trainer, albeit via video link, he said: "I think it will be completely difficult.

"If I think about a winter break and we come back to Barcelona [for testing] after two months, I will say it is really difficult. After the first day you are completely destroyed, your neck is completely destroyed.

"We will have more than two months, maybe three months [off]. When we come back, straight away we will feel all bad, I'm sure, and maybe three weeks in a row will be really, really tough.

"It will be the same for everyone, but we need to try our best to be fit enough. This is the time to make sure we can drive but it will not be easy, I'm sure."


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Sun 05 Jul

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