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Motorsport UK plans for a 'longer-term break'

Motorsport UK plans for a 'longer-term break'



Motorsport UK plans for a 'longer-term break'

Motorsport UK plans for a 'longer-term break'

Motorsport UK, the governing body of motorsport in the United Kingdom, has warned of a potential 'longer-term break' as the world continues to battle the coronavirus.

CEO of Motorsport UK, Hugh Chambers, has penned an open letter to members of the organisation and, while informing them on how they can assist in aiding vulnerable people, he has also delivered a stark message.

"Motorsport is resilient," Chambers wrote. "Interruptions from war and disease have always been followed by a remarkable renaissance, with the community and industry re-establishing the footings and allowing the passion of the sport to flow again.

"We hope that this will be a brief interlude, but we must plan for a longer-term break. This is the time when we address the future challenges that the sport is inevitably going to face, from the environment to changing lifestyles.

"What form and format should motorsport develop to appeal to new audiences and to retain our valued members? That may all seem a long way away, but Motorsport UK will be working to resolve the answers to these questions."

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Motorsport events in the UK are currently suspended until April 30, with the situation under constant review.

Chambers did, however, encourage people to volunteer to help in areas identified by the government.

He added: "The government has asked for volunteers. The country will be under pressure for some time, and our community is exceptionally well equipped to take on roles that help society to function.

"We are well organised and used to dealing with high pressured situations. The clubs from across the board are looking at how they can help."

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