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Ricciardo reflects on decision to move to Renault

Ricciardo reflects on decision to move to Renault



Ricciardo reflects on decision to move to Renault

Ricciardo reflects on decision to move to Renault

Daniel Ricciardo says he felt the time was right for a new chapter in his career, as he looks back on the decision to swap Red Bull for Renault after a 10-year association with the former.

The Australian was, at one point, Red Bull’s golden boy, having outstayed four-time champion Sebastian Vettel in the team, but eventually found his position as the team’s number one driver usurped by young superstar Max Verstappen.

With Verstappen growing in prominence and confidence, Ricciardo made the choice to make the switch to Renault.

“By no means was it an easy decision,” he said shortly after making the switch.

“I guess I got to a point where I felt I was ready for a change. I was ready for a new challenge and I think just for me personally I needed some fresh motivation.

“I had a few sleepless nights, for sure, trying to come up with the best conclusion for my future but once I made that decision and pulled the trigger, I felt comfortable with it and it feels right.”

However, the French team have struggled in 2019 despite having pre-season aspirations of closing the gap or even matching the performance of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull. Instead, they are down in fifth in the constructors’ rankings, behind a resurgent McLaren.

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Ricciardo still believes Renault can eventually compete, though.

“I still don't regret anything 12 months down the track,” he insists to the official Formula 1 site.

“We are just going to stay above water for now and keep everyone‘s spirits high. I know that we will get there.

"I had… I don‘t want to say expectations, but scenarios in my head at the start of the year of how things would go.

"Now I can assess where I am and try to understand what I can do better within myself – and with the team – to keep everything going.”


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