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Verstappen: Liberty Media turning F1 into WWE

Verstappen: Liberty Media turning F1 into WWE



Verstappen: Liberty Media turning F1 into WWE

Verstappen: Liberty Media turning F1 into WWE

Max Verstappen has warned Formula 1 against the introduction of a reverse-grid qualifying race, which the Red Bull driver says would be an "artificial and fake" way of increasing excitement.

F1 are expected to trial a sprint race on a select number of Saturdays next year in order to decide the starting grid for the grands prix.

The grid for a sprint race will be decided by reversing the drivers' championship standings, giving those in the front-running cars the challenge of fighting through the field.

Several drivers have lashed out against the plans, and Verstappen is the latest, comparing the idea with the scripted world of WWE.

He told his official website: "Us drivers had a meeting with the Formula 1 owners. We spoke a lot about what we want as drivers.

"Nothing has been decided but we don't want something like American wrestling were everything is artificial and fake. We made clear that is not what we want.

"I think qualifying is good the way it is. I wouldn't know how to change it."

On the 2021 regulations, Verstappen said: "It's looking good. Currently, the cars would be three seconds per lap slower. That's quite a lot.

"But I think the cars have to be lighter, but that's difficult to do with the hybrid power-units and the batteries."

Verstappen also warned against completely levelling the playing field in F1, saying it would detract from the DNA of the sport.

Asked if a better balance would benefit F1, he replied: "Yes and no.

"Formula 1 became popular because manufacturers took each other on. It is also good for the development of road car technology.

"It's good PR for Mercedes if they beat Ferrari and for Red Bull Formula 1 is marketing. But it would be good to make it a bit more even but not completely."


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