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F1 drivers want sport to follow MotoGP's lead

F1 drivers want sport to follow MotoGP's lead



F1 drivers want sport to follow MotoGP's lead

F1 drivers want sport to follow MotoGP's lead

Formula 1 midfield regulars Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz Jr have both called or MotoGP to act as a template to increase the competitive nature of F1. Drivers, media and fans alike have been underwhelmed with the 2019 season to date, with Mercedes having won all seven races.

The Silver Arrows' run of dominance shows no sign of abating, with a sixth consecutive title double – which would be an F1 record – on the cards for 2019.

Although Marc Marquez remains a dominant force in MotoGP, he faces more rivals at the front than Lewis Hamilton in F1. Three constructors have secured victory in MotoGP's opening six races of 2019.

With a regulation change in the pipeline for F1 in 2021, which will include a budget cap to bring the bigger teams more into line with their rivals, Perez hopes it will bring greater competitiveness to the grid.

"I heard about stuff that will bring everyone a bit closer, but small teams are going to be very far from that cost cap," he said.

"But I hope so, I'm very hopeful that for 2021 we will see a change in the sport. I think it's urgent.

"Formula 1 is kind of losing interest from the fans, and that's something that Formula 1 cannot allow to happen, we need those races like MotoGP and other series."

Sainz says F1 could even draw inspiration from the way MotoGP is run in order to improve the overall spectacle.

"I know very well [Dorna Sports CEO] Carmelo Ezpeleta in MotoGP, I've spoken to him many times about what he's done and how the manufacturers reacted to them tightening the rules with ECU [Engine Control Unit], etc," he said.

"It's a very good example and it's something that I would like to see in the future in Formula 1.

"But I think Formula 1 is a different specie definitely, but I hope in the future we converse towards something a bit more driver dependent and not machine dependent."


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Thu 21 May

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