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F1 drivers partly to blame for Vettel Canada penalty

F1 drivers partly to blame for Vettel Canada penalty



F1 drivers partly to blame for Vettel Canada penalty

F1 drivers partly to blame for Vettel Canada penalty

Formula 1 drivers who may have been perturbed by Sebastian Vettel's costly Canadian Grand Prix penalty are partly to blame for the regulations being tweaked in ways that made it possible, according to Grand Prix Drivers' Association chairman Alexander Wurz.

Vettel had five seconds added on to his race time for causing Lewis Hamilton to brake hard as he re-entered the track after getting onto the grass between Turns 3/4.

Hamilton inherited the win as a result, to widespread opposition from Ferrari, F1 fans and media, and even some drivers on the grid.

However, Wurz says a push for 'black and white' regulations meant that Vettel's penalty was inevitable.

"We want rules for each and every thing and that's where we arrived," Wurz told BBC Sport.

"Each and everyone in the system who thinks this penalty is not justified is at fault because over the years, with all these incidents and cases, the drivers and team managers asked the FIA in the open way of discussion for clarification of what is allowed and not - down to millimetre and micrometer movements. I take part in all the drivers' meetings.

"In this whole process over the years, that is where we arrived.

"The just, rational decision of looking at a situation and making a decision based on, yes, underlying rules, but not in such fragmented, small little details, has gone.

"So it is hard to blame the FIA and the stewards for this, and this is what I don't like in the conversation - that it goes a bit personal in this whole debate.

"We are an industry that strives for the ultimate perfection, advantage or disadvantage and penalty or not penalty. So we arrive at such a situation. One struggles almost to judge one situation without having to refer to six or 10 other similar situations.

"In reality each and every situation is different because there are so many influences."

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