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McLaren see similarities to Mercedes in 2019

McLaren see similarities to Mercedes in 2019



McLaren see similarities to Mercedes in 2019

McLaren see similarities to Mercedes in 2019

Zak Brown says McLaren are beginning to show hints of the kind of operational brilliance which has inspired Mercedes' dominance of Formula 1 in recent years. With Andreas Seidl and James Key arriving at McLaren in recent years, it is hoped that the team can finally recover after a near decade of disappointment.

McLaren's last championship victory remains Lewis Hamilton's memorable triumph in 2008.

In the years since, the team have struggled against Red Bull and Mercedes, while a switch to Honda power in 2015 proved disastrous as the team dropped to the back of the grid.

Now recovering with Renault on-board as supplier, Brown has overseen a host of key appointments in recent months, which he hopes can help McLaren become a force yet again.

He said: "If you look at things like winter testing, I was very pleased to see we were the first team out seven of eight days.

"When we had an issue we got right back to being next team out. Pitstops are really strong. We've had some technical advancement there, that's just teamwork and focus. There's a very positive vibe.

"The biggest thing I've noticed is everyone's clear on their role, everyone's motivated, and working really well together. That's why you're seeing things like good pitstops and good preparations.

"It's teamwork that produces that type of results. Andreas is just going to bring another level of clarity to roles and responsibilities and focus.

"If we look at Mercedes winning all the races, yes they've got a great budget, but they are also a phenomenally well-run racing team so they can do the pitstops they pull off.

"They seem to not have bad weekends. That's a great racing team. That's what I'm starting to see here and Andreas is going to make that even better."

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