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Steiner - Tyre problems 'not Formula 1'

Steiner - Tyre problems 'not Formula 1'



Steiner - Tyre problems 'not Formula 1'

Steiner - Tyre problems 'not Formula 1'

Haas boss Guenther Steiner believes the current tyre problems facing his team does not represent true Formula 1 racing, and laments the fact that Haas has a good car but is unable to make an impact due to the issues they are experiencing.

Despite a positive start in Australia in which Kevin Magnussen finished sixth, the American team are now struggling desperately with Pirelli's new tyres in the races, and have not finished in the top 10 since.

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"It's a question of who is fighting the most with it, and that's us," he told Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

"It's disappointing because we have a good car," Steiner said.

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He said the sensitivity of Pirelli's tyres this year are having too great an effect on the racing.

"We should not be constantly talking about whether a tyre works. It's not interesting and it's not Formula 1 in my opinion," he said.

"'Did you get the tyre working? Yes, I'm quick'. 'My tyres didn't work, so I'm slow'," Steiner parodied.

"We spend millions and millions of dollars on these cars but if the tyres are outside their window we cannot use them.

"Others make them work better, so we have to as well. And probably we will get it fixed. We were quick in testing and quick in Australia.

"But it's very serious. We know the cause and we must find out how to fix it," Steiner added.

"I don't just want to blame Pirelli. I also blame ourselves when others find better solutions. But basically we should not sit after a race and talk about whether the tyres worked or not," he said.

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Thu 03 Dec

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