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Verstappen reveals what sparked Ocon fracas

Verstappen reveals what sparked Ocon fracas



Verstappen reveals what sparked Ocon fracas

Verstappen reveals what sparked Ocon fracas

Max Verstappen has revealed that Esteban Ocon's refusal to issue him an immediate apology led to the fracas between them in the aftermath of a fractious Brazilian Grand Prix. Verstappen shoved Ocon in the weighing room after a collision between them denied the Red Bull man a victory at Interlagos.

Ocon's attempts to unlap himself while behind the lead car backfired spectacularly as they touched and spun – enraging Verstappen.

The Dutchman pointed out in a press conference to preview the Abu Dhabi GP that Ocon would have likely fallen back into his clutches anyway, making the move harder to understand.

Asked what had sparked his anger after the race – Verstappen revealed that Ocon's approach was not to his liking.

He said: "I was after an apology and I got a bit of a different response.

"We are all emotional and just at the time I lost the victory so I think from my side I was really calm, it could have been much worse.

"I think pushing… in any sport it happens, I actually saw a few days ago in football again so from my side I thought it was quite a calm response.

"What do you expect me to do? Shake his hand and say thank you very much for being second instead of first?

"I think it's quite a normal response, but OK I got my two days [public service] with the FIA, which we'll find out what we're going to do.

"You guys don't really hear what's being said, what's being said at the scales, you just see me pushing. But if you understand the whole conversation I think this would be different."

Pressed on what was said, Verstappen added: "It doesn't matter what it was at the end of the day.

"It clearly pissed me off, instead of straight away an apology.

"After the race you're still with the adrenaline in your body, you maybe don't get the right answer, but we are not robots, we have emotions and we'll always be unless you put robots in the car, but I don't think you want that."

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