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Stroll concedes new F1 era flaw

Stroll concedes new F1 era flaw

F1 News

Stroll concedes new F1 era flaw

Stroll concedes new F1 era flaw

Lance Stroll has conceded there remains room for improvement in the F1 technical regulations despite a thrilling season of action.

F1 teams were forced to adapt to a completely new rule book this past term with cars that looked radically different.

The reintroduction of ground effect technology came with the aim of improving the spectacle by allowing cars to follow more closely through corners and, as a result, enjoy more overtaking opportunities.

Working in tandem with the budget cap and aerodynamic testing restrictions based on championship positions, it is expected the field will gradually close together.

Although these changes have widely been hailed as a success, the current rule set is not without fault.

"Over time, probably, with the regulations, just naturally everyone kind of catches up, but I think it's also just the nature of F1," said Stroll.

"It's been like that for years. Some teams get it right better than other teams.

"I still do think, however, the cars are quite heavy. They're still bouncing a lot.

"It's been improved, but there are still obviously things we can think about to make it even better."

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