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F1 not ruling out sprint at every grand prix

F1 not ruling out sprint at every grand prix

F1 not ruling out sprint at every grand prix

F1 not ruling out sprint at every grand prix

F1's outgoing managing director motorsports Ross Brawn has not ruled out the notion the sport could feature a sprint race at all grand prix weekends in the future.

F1 increases its sprint output from three to six races in 2023 following what it feels was an initially successful trial of the event in 2021.

The one-third race distance events on Saturday still provoke mixed feelings amongst the drivers, with the likes of reigning two-time champion Max Verstappen not a fan.

The initiative, however, promoted by Brawn as a way of adding entertainment to a race weekend is here to stay, with the possibility more could be added in the years ahead.

"On the sporting regulations, we’ve had an open mind about how we should develop the race weekend format," said Brawn, who is retiring after six years in his current role. "There are already a lot of good things in F1.

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"I happen to think the current qualifying spec is pretty good. Three-stage qualifying keeps people engaged for the whole time. It’s exciting and it occasionally throws up a few variables.

"The sprint was an initiative that seems to have worked. We’re expanding to six sprints next year.

"I don’t know what will be the optimum number we will settle at long term. Some argue we should have it at every race. We’ll see if that is how it evolves.

"The sprint has certainly livened up the whole weekend and gives us a full three days of action."

Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Austin and Brazil are five of the venues that will host sprints in 2023, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar vying for the other slot.

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