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Creating the perfect CHRISTMAS F1 driver lineup

Creating the perfect CHRISTMAS F1 driver lineup

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Creating the perfect CHRISTMAS F1 driver lineup

Creating the perfect CHRISTMAS F1 driver lineup

'Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring.

Except for me, trying to think of endless Formula 1-based Christmas puns to create a complete F1 grid.

Firstly, let's start with some team names and who would be in charge, although they're probably all driving home for Christmas by now. Don't worry, it gets worse...

Christmas F1 teams

Myrhh-cedes would be looking to get back to winning ways under their Christmas-loving team principal Hoho Wolff, while Reindeer Fur-rari would be led by Mattia Bin-Grotto.

James Carols would retain his place at Williams (couldn't think of one), and world champions Red (and Green) Bull would head into the season with Christian Antler at the helm, after Helmut Marko already made his feelings clear about Christmas.

Al-pine needles would of course be led by none other than Flavoursome Brie-atore, just don't tell BandAid about Bruno Famin.

Helmut Marko has already made it perfectly clear that he's not a fan of Christmas, so we'll leave him out of this one
David Coulthard makes a stunning return to Red Bull in our Christmas lineup
Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton reunited once more at Mercedes?

Complete 2024 driver lineup

Sebas-tree-an Vettel (Red and Green Bull) David Cold-thard (Red and Green Bull)

Lewis Boxing Day Ham-ilton (Myrrh-cedes) Val-turkey Bottas (Myrrh-cedes)

Rudolph Barrichello (Reindeer Fur-rrari) Carlos Sainz-ta Claus (Reindeer Fur-rrari)

Oscar Pias-tree (McLaren) Fernando Alonsnow (McLaren)

St Nicolas Hulkenberg (Ghost of Christmas Haas) Kevinnnnn! Magnussanta (Ghost of Christmas Haas)

Esteban Christmas Socks-on (Al-pine needles) Mick Schu-cracker (Al-pine needles)

Nyck de Freeze (AlphaSherry) Yuki Tsnowda (AlphaSherry)

Lance Christmas Day Stroll (Aston Sprout-Fartin) Adrian Soot-il (Aston Sprout-Fartin)

Nigel Tinsell (Williams) Logs-an Sargeant (Williams)

Zhou Guan-yule (Alfa Snow-meo) Kimi Mince Pie-kkonen (Alfa Snow-meo)

And with that, I'll stop. Wishing you all a Merry Walker Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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