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Steiner - Magnussen pole 'best moment of my F1 career'

Steiner - Magnussen pole 'best moment of my F1 career'

F1 News

Steiner - Magnussen pole 'best moment of my F1 career'

Steiner - Magnussen pole 'best moment of my F1 career'

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has hailed Kevin Magnussen's pole position for the São Paulo Grand Prix as the best moment of his lengthy F1 career.

Magnussen scored a stunning pole position ahead of today's 100-kilometre sprint at Interlagos as Haas pulled off a tactical masterstroke and the Dane delivered across the entire qualifying session to secure his maiden pole in his 140th race weekend.

For Steiner, who was involved in F1 with Jaguar and Red Bull in the 'noughties' prior to taking up his current role with Haas in 2014, the stunning result is a highlight of his achievements.

Asked if it was his best moment in F1, Steiner replied: "I would say so. This is a great moment. I just hope we get an even better moment. It's not finished here.

"I work hard at this but personally for me, I'm happy for the team because I always tell them 'Guys, we need to work hard, to believe in ourselves' and then the results will come, and it's come.

"It's showing them never to give up in life. We've had tough years, we've come out of them, and now things like this we can build on.

"This is overperforming compared to where we normally are. We are conscious of that, but it shows if you work hard and you put the effort in, when the opportunity is given then you get the result.

"That gives you confidence going forward that everything is possible."

Magnussen pole thanks to Gene Haas the believer

Owner Gene Haas, who turns 70 today [Saturday] was not on hand to witness the special event, and even missed it on television, according to Steiner, who has paid tribute to the American's patience and perseverance with the team.

"He was very happy," added Steiner. "Thanks to him we are able to do this. We have a lot of respect because if he wasn't around then we couldn't have achieved this result.

"He's put a lot of effort into this team, obviously not on the pit wall or fitting tyres or anything, but putting money into it and believing in us we would do it, otherwise he would have stopped.

"This is thanks to him we are in this position to achieve this result."

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