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Brundle urges F1 to "finesse" sprint amid uncertainty

Brundle urges F1 to "finesse" sprint amid uncertainty

Brundle urges F1 to "finesse" sprint amid uncertainty

Brundle urges F1 to "finesse" sprint amid uncertainty

Martin Brundle believes F1's sprint format can be "finessed" as the future direction of the initiative faces uncertainty.

The sport introduced the format last season via three trial events with the hope of increasing racing action for fans. It resulted in qualifying being moved to Friday to accommodate a 100km sprint on Saturday.

But with concerns over a lack of incentive with only the top three positions awarded points, F1 increased the allocation to the top eight for this season's three sprints.

Following criticism of the lack of overtaking, with two-time champion Max Verstappen leading the negative response, insisting the format was not worth the risk for drivers, a review will take place with the option of making sprints standalone from the rest of the weekend from next season.

Six sprints will take place next season but put to Brundle that teams would question the point in running in the shortened race if it becomes standalone, Brundle replied: "Yeah exactly, if there are only the first few getting points.

"We need to establish what the sprint is for. Is it a stepping stone for the weekend, is it a standalone event, a championship, or what have you?

"Those discussions need to take place. I am not against change. I currently think the qualifying format we have now is perfect and we got there because we were prepared to make some changes.

"We can finesse the sprint.

"I personally quite like it being a Friday qualifying, Saturday sprint and Sunday grand prix on some of the events, a different format."

Suggesting further initiatives could be introduced, Brundle added: "Maybe we can have a third format through the season as well and keep one as the classic or traditional.

"We have to be open-minded but we can't just keep changing things without structure and establishing what it is actually there for."

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