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Ferrari condemn FIA inconsistency after failed protest

Ferrari condemn FIA inconsistency after failed protest

Ferrari condemn FIA inconsistency after failed protest

Ferrari condemn FIA inconsistency after failed protest

Mattia Binotto has condemned the FIA for a continued lack of consistency following Ferrari's failed protest in Monaco.

Ferrari has felt hard done by this season with a number of stewards' decisions going against the team.

In Monaco, the Scuderia complained post-race about Red Bull drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen touching the yellow line on the exit of the pit lane, something not permitted as per the race directors' event notes.

A change to the International Sporting Code, however, over the winter now allows drivers to ride the line but not cross it with a wheel.

Asked if Ferrari is satisfied with the 'new' pit exit rule, Binotto said: "This one is one of the decisions which we are not happy with.

"When we made the protest, we knew what would be the outcome. But it was right for us to protest just to show that we were not in agreement with the decision at the time.

"And still, we believe it was not the right decision.

"As a matter of fact, they needed to change the race director's notes here in Baku, they had to change the pit entry.

"They are already discussing that maybe we should change back the International Sporting Code to make it right."

Suggested that Ferrari's lack of a subsequent appeal demonstrates the team's acceptance of the FIA ruling, Binotto clarified the protest was "nothing against Red Bull."

He added: "It is a fair fight between the two teams at the moment and I am happy to move on with the fair fight.

"It was more for us to show the FIA at the moment that we are not happy with the type of decisions that they are taking."

New FIA race directors 'need time'

Following the events of last year's controversial season finale in Abu Dhabi, the FIA removed Michael Masi from his position as the F1 race director.

Masi was replaced by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas, with veteran Herbie Blash serving as a permanent senior advisor.

Asked if there should be three races directors, as has been suggested by FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, or the governing body should revert back to one, Binotto feels Wittich and Freitas should be given time to settle.

"It is certainly not an easy job," explained Binotto.

"These guys need some more experience. It is not something that you learn from the very first race.

"If you look at the start of the season, certainly as Ferrari, we cannot be happy at the way we often have been disadvantaged by decisions, but that is the way it is.

"We understand the difficulty. I think in order to make them improve, we need to help them as well. We need collaboration between the teams and the race directors to make sure that they understand and improve as fast as possible.

"No doubt, so far in the season, there was no consistency in decisions. I think we cannot deny that, as we cannot deny it is not an easy job."

Additional reporting by Ian Parkes

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