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Charles Leclerc shakes off dual Monaco threat

Charles Leclerc shakes off dual Monaco threat

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Charles Leclerc shakes off dual Monaco threat

Charles Leclerc shakes off dual Monaco threat

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is adamant the dual threat of his wretched home-soil curse and the pressure of being in this year's F1 title fight is not weighing heavy on his shoulders going into this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix.

In three previous F1 attempts, Leclerc has yet to see the chequered flag, a fate that began in F2 in 2017 in both the sprint and feature races.

Leclerc, who was born and raised in Monaco, recognises the circuit "has not been the luckiest" for him over the years but he insists such a woeful record will have no impact this weekend.

"I don’t think about it," said Leclerc. "It’s life, it happens. It is part of motorsport and sometimes things just don’t go your way.

“Hopefully this year it will but I will just take the same approach as I have done in the first few races of 2022 because it has been successful until now and hopefully it will be successful here at home.”

Pressure on Leclerc no different to any other year

After a stunning start over the first three races to open up a sizeable cushion, Leclerc has seen a 46-point cushion to Red Bull's Max Verstappen, in particular, eroded over the last three races to such an extent the Dutchman now leads by six.

Despite the extra responsibility for Leclerc, as team-mate Charles Leclerc has been off the pace so far in a car not to his liking, he added: “Honestly, I don’t feel the added pressure this year than any other year.

"At the end, also last year and the year before, it was also my responsibility, or our responsibility, to get back on top with such a big name like Ferrari.

“So I don’t feel anything more. I just try to focus on the job and I am confident that whenever we do a perfect job on a weekend we have a shot for a win this year and this makes me happy.

“And obviously, it makes me love the job that I do, especially this year, knowing that I have a competitive car underneath me.

“We just need to focus on ourselves and then I am pretty sure the results will come.”

Monaco roads home for Leclerc

Despite his poor home record and his championship lead eroded in recent weeks, the 24-year-old could not be happier to be racing around the streets he has always called home.

“I am just really happy to be here, to be back on this amazing track," added Leclerc. "I love it here and obviously, it is a very special event for me having grown up here.

“These roads I know so well since being born so no, there is no added pressure.

“I know the performance is in the car for us to do a great result this weekend and I just have to get into the car, do the job and hopefully the result will be there at the end of the weekend.”

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